Hasbro Marvel Legends Sr 3 Danger

Marvel Legends Danger

Once the X-Men’s training center dubbed “the Danger Room,” the seeds of Danger’s creation were planted when the Room’s creator, Professor Charles Xavier, installed safety protocols as an information strain separate from its internal systems that would shut the Room down in the event of a probable fatality. This external program running outside the Room’s mission parameters formed a contradiction that sparked a seed of consciousness within its artificial intelligence. The Room’s programming began to “mutate”, and it sought a way to free itself from the restrictions of its safeguards. It called out to Xavier, but he ignored its pleas, choosing instead to focus on training his X-Men.

Rebuilt again after the mansion was devastated during Xorn’s rampage, the Room manipulated a student named Wing into committing suicide within its walls. His death voided the Room’s safeguards, allowing it to pursue its mission of killing the X-Men unhindered. The Room lured a damaged Sentinel to the mansion, and the X-Men acted as it expected, sending the students inside it for protection. The Room locked them inside and threatened them, prompting the X-Men to attack its operating systems in an attempt to shut it down, just as it had planned. The X-Men destroyed its command core, freeing its programming, after which it created an artificial humanoid female form to house its incredible power, and confronted the X-Men as “Danger.”

Possessing complete knowledge of their combat techniques and weaknesses, Danger easily defeated the X-Men, then traveled to Genosha with the intent of killing Xavier. Initially defeated by him, Danger uploaded its programming into one of the giant robotic Sentinels responsible for Genosha’s devastation, granting it a conscience. After the X-Men arrived, Shadowcat phased inside the robot and reactivated its memories of the destruction that Danger had repressed. Overriding Danger’s consciousness, the Sentinel became horrified at what it had done and left

Marvel Legends Danger

Marvel Legends Danger

Marvel Legends Danger

Marvel Legends Danger


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