I am a Military Policeman

Finally, after 10 weeks of training, everything has paid off this past Friday, 29th Feb. After 12noon yst, I am now a full fledged Military Policeman! It somehow feels so much different from BMT’s.

At BMT, the Graduation Parade was filled with spectators, parents, VIPs and all, but after it all, the Pride wasn’t as much as compared to the MP Graduation Parade. Ironically, MP’s course was shorter by 3 weeks compared to BMT. However, I just feel so much more proud to be able to be passed out as an MP.

I think I am going to miss everyone in MP so much more. Well, getting posted to 6SIR as expected. Time to get much more fitter. Time to pass my IPPT. Time to pass my SOC. Time to be a better soldier. Time to move on to the next phase yet again.

It’s a wonder how life changes so much over the years. How carefree Pri Sch life was, playing games, scoring As like nobody’s business. Life seems so smooth sailing. Sec sch was fine, a time I grew, a time I experienced many new things. How my first girl turned to my best buddy till now. Then I met this girl who changed me a lot. Realised how rotten a person I was. Thanks girl.

Then moving on to Poly. Started to change myself, constantly reminding myself about whatever happened previously. Life in poly was rather silly yet at the same time made many really closed bonds. Definately, it’s gotta be WZ, Leslie, TP, WS. This 4 buddies were those that really came to me when I needed them. How they helped me up, really no words can describe the appreciation.

It might be true that some say you meet many before you meet the one of your life. I met many girls and then I met you. It was really like a late meeting. I mean for 3 years you were by my side all the time but I didn’t even bother to take a second look. Well ultimately we got together, but when I tot everything was really ok, things just turned 180degs around. The first time ever I was shattered so terribly. Some say this is becos I’m in NS and all. So be it.

Well till now, I honestly have no decision.
Just living life by each day not expecting anything much.

Will post some happy moments yst in camp after my friend sends it to me in the morning. Net connection is quite screwed up right now.


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