Sousou Gundam (曹操ガンダム)

SD Gundam Cao Cao

Sousou Gundam (曹操ガンダム, Sousou Gundam)

* Character Basis: Cao Cao
* Actor: Gundam DX

The crimson general. A forceful person who shows gifted abilities in all aspects, a general with a noble spirit who will not resort to cowardly acts. A charismatic leader with absolute leadership power who is talked about among allies and enemies. He called upon the assembly of the Anti-Toutaku Allied Army, took up the role of overall commander and led them to battle at Korou Fortress. At Korou Fortress he fought with Ryofu.
His trademark is his crimson mantle which looks like the Satellite System.
SD Gundam Cao Cao

Text from: Wiki


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