Just gotten my May work schedule the past week. I’m going to be on for 4 days and 2 rest days instead of the usual 2 day on 2 day off that I’m doing currently for April. Counted my off days and I’m having 5 full off days, excluding those half day offs. All the dates stated in the sidebar. —>

If you guys bother, thats only 1 freaking weekend. And that’s like the last week of May. Other days includes, Mon, Tue, Wed. Haha. Oh well! Will be out of deployment in June to train for IPPT as well as SOC in camp. Still needs that little bit to pass my IPPT. SOC, just gotta meet the timing. Hope to clear all these really soon.

Alright I will be booking in later and be out on Tue. Going Westmall now to take a walk before going in. Maybe do some retail therapy. HAHA! Take care guys.


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