What’s up recently

Well, met up with Joy and WZ awhile ago. Was a short but nice chat. Really missed the times in Poly when the few of us from DE (it was still DE then) would chill out at places like Esplanade or whatever. Sitting down and chatting till the last bus right after our lessons. Life was simple and it felt really nice.

Time passed really quickly for the past 3 weeks. Unknowingly, I haven’t contacted you in a good 1 month or so. Looks like it’s finally gone for good.

My music sense kinda changed over the weeks. Now I’m only digging slow, and i do mean REALLY SLOW music. No R&B, no metal or whatever rock shit pop music. Listening to Jazz at the Airport while patrolling is always a little hidden bonus. While the Rifle Coy and Airport Police are constantly chatting, I’m trailing behind with the Jazz. Sometimes, these were the times you can really do some self reflection.

Clubbed some shit last sat as well. Clubbing never felt so fun in a long long time. Kudos to everyone who were present that day.


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