Fed Up

Just booked up and really the weekend’s starting to feel fed up already. The weather is getting to everyone I supposed and I can’t escape the grasp of that damn heat. OK, let’s start with the horrible weather.

The weather is totally McGriddles read: Simply Indescribable man. I’ve been like sleeping in bunk and sweating like crazy in the early mornings. For you guys who must be wondering why am I sleeping in the early mornings, cos I work night shifts, yes thats the Serve And Fuck-off for you. I normally hit the sacks at 10-11am. And all the way till 3-4pm before I head off for the next shift yet again. And the heat is scorching in my bunk. How the fuck can I rest well. I’m about to melt now as I’m typing. Yeah its about 1am and I’m in my room with a fan blowing at me.

Then I reached home few hours ago and just felt really pissed. Something I rather not talk about. But what better to look forward going home after 5 days in camp just to feel pissed within 10mins of reaching home. Hur-ray.


What the fuck I’m still not done packing my babies into their new homes. I have loads of old mangas which I intend to clear but I doubt it will even sell. SO, anyone interested in comics do let me know and I will GIVE IT AWAY for FREE. So long you appreciate it, I’m fine with you having it.


Simple cool stuffs from Toshiba. Transformable, REAL cellphones.

Quote from:
New transforming cellphones from Toshiba have arms and legs, creating a very robotic look. When folded up they look like regular phones.

The 815T PB, to be marked through SoftBank starting April 2, have folding limbs and screen faces that display their “emotions.” Prices haven’t been announced.

The posable Keitai Sousakan 7 phones can send text messages to users about their feelings through an onboard AI application called Buddy Talk. They can learn through dialog and adapt to user behavior. They also appear as characters in screen apps.

These little guys really are more than meets the eye!”

Mind you there’s a new series on these tiny cellphones now. A force to combat cyber terrorism. Title’s “Keitai Sousakan 7”

Check it out on Veoh here


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