Reasons I can’t sleep early tonight

Because package pics of Encore Thundercracker and Skywarp surfaced on the net.


I repeat.






Well.. that’s not all!

MP-2 Ultra Magnus 2nd Production Run

Here’s a penny for your thoughts. Masterpiece Transformers MP-2 Ultra Magnus will also get a second production run along with MP-6 Skywarp mentioned here. So for those who missed out the first time around, you have another chance to grab this repaint of MP-1 Convoy. Expect MP-2 Ultra Magnus encore appearance to be released in November 2008 in Japan retailing at 9,800 Yen.

Wahahahaha.. HIGHNESS..
I can’t believe the endless amount of goood news.
Anyway a pic of MP02


All news credits to and TFW2005


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