Blind surfing

I’m like really bored. Just freaking booked out and I’m home lost, not knowing what to do. Chilling out to music and then I went onto MyBlogLog. Ok, it’s like a site that helps monitoring your traffic on your website. Was used for my toy blog and I simply implemented it here as well. Might as well right.

Was checking it out and saw someone googled “clement soh” on the 2th Aug.

Speaking about 2th Aug. I was at the Airport for duty that day. Early morning, was drawing ammo and stuff, signed out and realised it was 2th Aug! I said oh 2th Aug and my fren asked why. Haha. Can’t believed 6 years have passed.

Anyway onto the google stuff. It’s interesting to find someone googling about you. And then I came accross my old old blog. Quite a good read down memory lane I must say. If anyone is interested. Here goes:

Loads of stuffs are missing but at least it is still readable.

Ya and look at this


Memories eh. Ha!


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