Shiba-I Sazabi (司馬懿サザビー)

Sima Yi Sazabi

Shiba-I Sazabi (司馬懿サザビー, Shiba-I Sazabi)

* Character Basis: Sima Yi
* Actor: Sazabi

The magnificent machinator. The talented strategist of Giga. He has been looking into anicient literature and legends. He suspects that turbulent times will come with the appearance of the person who holds the Ryuuteiken. As a general, his abilities could be on par with Sousou and his dubious personal actions make Sousou keep a close eye on him. He is behind the strategy in the Kurou Fortress battle.
According to the dates in the real chinese literature, Sima Yi is actually 12 years old during the Battle of Hulao Pass which is the battle which the Battle of Kurou Fortess is based on.

* Weapon: Shirogane no Kiba(銀の牙) + Kouyokusen(紅翼扇) -> Gayoku no Taiken(牙翼の大剣)

Completed this few months back but really decided to get off my lazy ass to take some pics of him. Wanted to actually finish up Sun Quan and document them both at the same time but shit happened. I bought a wrong top coat so that’s got to wait.

Sima Yi Sazabi
Sima Yi Sazabi
Sima Yi Sazabi
Sima Yi Sazabi


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