Shin Splint

Many things happened this past month. I am just so shagged out that typing was a real chore to me. Just lying on my bed and chilling is already a luxury.

Somehow, most soldiers’ life turn better as their ORD date approaches. What I’m trying to say is that they have lesser things to do, thus clearing offs and such. At this point of time, I though to myself, the previous sentence just sounded weird. Grammatically incorrect. Whatever, I’m just too mentally exhausted to think about anything.

As some of you might know, I just finished my last OPs duty at Sembawang Wharves on the 24th of March. Have been in camp ever since, following a standard 5 day week. Well guess what, camp life sucks. And I do mean sucks do badly.

We did ACCT. Advance Close Combat Training. Ok that wasn’t so bad. Rather it was quite fun but extremely exhausting. Getting thrown on your neck and hips is not a joking matter. Defense against rifle techniques was one of the nicer segments to me personally.

Then guess what, we had vest slack runs a few times a week. In the darn morning, even before breakfast. Shitness. And more runs in the morning and afternoon. On average it was about 5-8km a day. Do your math and realise we actually covered distance from Jurong to Pasir Ris.

And then that leads to my injury. Took IPPT last wed and after the 2.4km, there was a really sharp pain in my left shin. Well, it was actually quite normal, I mean that had happened for the past few months but I simply ignored it. However, this time it seemed to have worsen. Then I visited the MO in camp.

2 Weeks excuse until 15th
16th X-ray
And also another MMI appointment.

Oh ya another shitness.
I might not be going Taiwan. Was thrown to being a reserve JUST BECAUSE I was faithfully doing OPs and had my photograph taken at a later date. Talk about good staff management.


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