1 new Trophy attained

*Sound of chime*
You have achieved the trophy of hitting below 70kg!

For those who have played the PS3, chances are you might have came upon an achieved trophy. That is how it would be at the top right hand corner of the screen. And yes! I was at my camp’s gym this past Thursday and there I was, weighing myself at the scale before leaving. I’ve hit below 70kg! I’m weighing at 68.5kg currently. Props to amazing strange weight loss when I was on excuse for 2 weeks and a whole week of off the week before. 3 freaking weeks void of physical activity, yet I lost weight. Now you would start to wonder what the army is feeding us.

Heads out to all party people. 20th June.
Something is happening.
Let me know if anyone is interested!
Intending to call the world!


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