The Countdown

So, I’m left with a mere 15 working days before I embark on another chapter of my life.

This chapter of conscription is really something I’m at a loss of words for. Definitely, this 2 years includes tonnes of negativity, however, what I gained after all these events really built me up and prepared me for life to come. Friends that you’ve been through thick and thin together are really hard to come by. And by thick and thin, it’s really the sort of shits you guys go through. I’m a mere Lance Corporal in the force, but I can assure you, being a men in the force really equips you with friends I doubt any commanders would have.

Like I told Kiat the other day at the smoking point, Commanders get more pay, but they have less human relations. Men on the other hand, get paid less, more shit work, but on the other hand we have friends whom we can really depend on, friends whom you know you can really put all your trust in.

And so, I’m so very broke at the moment. Not because I spent it on my babies, but I spent close to RM900 at KL. Might not seem a lot of cash to many but considering how much I draw per month, it’s close to 85% of my allowance.

Caught “Revenge of the Fallen” for the 3rd time at Malaysia but fell asleep halfway through the film. Damned.

ORD Dinner in 2 weeks,
AHM in 3 weeks,
ORD in 8 weeks.

In 8 weeks, 15 working days. Time to get my shit up, do up my portfolio, and get ready for interviews.
Starting from next week……. hopefully.


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