Decisions, choices and a troubled, boggled mind.

And so, I had my ORD or should I say, APPRECIATION dinner last night at the Copthorne Kings Hotel. Food was kinda mediocre but the company there was good. Had quite a good time but had a better time after the dinner. I tagged along my buddies when they decided to go jamming.

Time to play some REAL Rock Band.

Yes, and so it was my first experience with real drums and boy did I regret it. Regret getting myself so mesmerized and inspired to do drumming. SUCH tough decisions. Passion against Time. Passion against Commitment. Passion against the FEAR of having POLICEMEN knocking on my doors for being too noisy. Should I or should I not.

The decision between a REAL drum kit as compared to an ELECTRONIC one.
The decision between a quiet drum kit or a full fledged one.

Oh my goodness. What should I do.
Fuck the neighbours? Or fuck the passion?
I think I will simply fuck my wallet.

Pearl Rhythm Traveler RT705

A quieter, compact and portable kit. Lacks a few hardware but otherwise what I feel a good practice kit. Oh but it’s ugly.

Pearl Forum FZ-725FC
Full fledged drum kit, even available in jet black! Comes with everything you see at a price of 1.1k odd. However, I feel if I get it, I must totally muffle it since my room has no space for it. Living room it must be.



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