I see dumb people

Seriously, I am wondering how dumb human beings can get. Like totally shameless and pathetic.

My damn supervisor brought the shop key home. Ya, and he left in the afternoon. Yes going home with the cursed key. Causing us to be held back.

And so being the part-timer, the one who’s not supposed to be holding any responsibility, decides to go out for a puff and wait for them to settle themselves. When I was back, I heard that the damn supervisor refuse to come down to the shop at IMM. Yes, he stays at woodlands and expects us to go to his place to get it. Seriously, is that even logical? Tell me yes, and I would gladly remove you from all my available contact.

So, my colleague discussed and told me to get the keys from him at JURONG POINT. READ. JURONG POINT. So, rushing to go home, I just went ahead as quickly as I could. Called the damn supervisor and he claimed he was on his way down. Then, he called me when he arrived and guess what, he said JURONG EAST MRT. FUCKING HELL.

SO, I rushed from back to JURONG EAST. Yes, for all you road idiots, IMM is at Jurong East MRT.

He even had the cheek to say WHY AM I SO BLUR. I CAB DOWN FROM HOME.

LIKE FUCKING HELL. Why can’t you cab straight to IMM then. DUMB FUCK.

So ya, ran back to shop. FUCKING DUMB PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.


3 responses to “I see dumb people

  1. BR October 18, 2009 at 01:39

    Next time, just plain refuse to do the job since you’re the part-timer. If the full-timers don’t want their job. Fine! You just tell them you are a part-timer, and you don’t do this shit.

  2. BR October 19, 2009 at 01:09

    “百忍成金”. Hope your efforts will be rewarded. 🙂

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