Twenty Ten?

So it’s been 10 solid days ever since I started working. Can’t believe time past by that quickly and I am actually loving the lifestyle. Yes, it’s kinda taxing on the body, however, I manage to find joy in the things I do.

Things are forever so strange.

Through these past 10 days, I’ve learnt loads of life-changing ideals. Glad to recognise myself even more through the eyes of others. Finding joy in the things you do, especially with your job is something which I feel is of utmost importance.

Now, I’ve pretty much set up much more goals in life. Usually, what I would tell people is that I have only 5 remaining wishes in life to fulfill.

Get a vehicle,
Get a house,
Get a wife,
Get kids,
Get into the coffin.

There’s actually so much more in life that I’ve overlooked. So much so that I feel a hint of regret for my past 20 odd years. Well, I threw my past 20 years out the window a few days back and thus decided to work for my goal.

Of course, do not worry. Family and close friends are still very important to me.
What I’ve committed, I would carry it all the way through. Have faith and confidence in me as much as I have in you guys.

Since 15, I’ve told myself I want to be an Interior Designer.
Since graduating from SP, I’ve told myself that I want to do SALES, absolutely no Inhouse.
Since ORD-ing from the Force, I’ve told myself to focus on getting a job that I love.

Well here it is, here I am with the opportunity within my grasps. Never am I letting it loose and never am I letting anyone pull me by my ears every again. I control my life and I own the remote control.

I’ve said it and I’m gonna repeat it again, 2010 is off to a great start.
Now, I’m saying it’s gonna be an earth shattering year. Reap my crops in 2011.


2 responses to “Twenty Ten?

  1. seb January 21, 2010 at 13:22

    yo dude, happy for you that 2010 has gotten off to such a great start for you! hope you fulfill your dreams and have a great time pursuing your dreams! (:

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